Barry Manilow may write the songs that make the whole world sing, but have you tried writing the songs that make your own brain remember?  Song, rhythm, and rhyme are mnemonic devices dating back to antiquity, so why not use the wisdom of the ages to enhance your own studies?

Here’s how: next time you’re studying for an exam, set your studies to a song you know.  Of course, you could search google to find a mnemonic song someone else has created, but I strongly suggest creating your own.  It’s fun, and creating lyrics forces you to boil your studies down to the essentials.

True, your songs may turn out weird, but weird could even be best, as it might be harder to forget.  I am not kidding.  Off the top of my head, I still remember a “functions of the stomach” song my Anatomy & Physiology lab partner and I wrote (to the tune of a ‘60’s folk song) . . . alas . . . and we thought of it around 20 years ago.

Image via / paulabflat