Is too much information harming your quality of life? How would you know and how might yinformationou fix the problem? Find out by reading this editorial in Community College Week (authored by Reid Goldsborough) titled “Be Selective to Manage Internet’s Info Overload.”

The article explains that here in the information age, one should be careful of over-using “information sources that put a premium on the instant and the new but that may in the process compromise context and quality.”

Ah: the instant and the new, while not necessarily bad in and of themselves, are but droplets in the vast sea of human experience that college students must study. Serious students need to expose themselves to sophisticated and difficult material, and that’s often not the realm of the Web.

All of this is not to say “kill your computer” (or other e-gadgets). It is to say a good habit for you as a student is to be selective about how you spend your “wired” time, and limit that time so you have more mental space to study contemplatively.

Image via / rosevita