As a student, I remember hearing thnotes on a clotheslinee advice “When the professor is talking, you should be writing.” Yet in my community college teaching experience, I’ve looked out on many a classroom to see students seemingly unaware that they ought to be taking notes at all. I’ve also realized that those who were trained to take notes fared far better in college.

Help is here if you need a refresher course on note-taking. Learn more about this vital student success skill below:
“Classes: Notetaking, Listening, Participation”: handouts, links, and videos from Dartmouth College.
“Listening and Note-taking Web Sites” from the Academic Success Center at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA.
“Note taking and in-class skills”: a page of tips from Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center.
“Note-Taking Skills” from the Academic Resource Center at Sweet Briar College.
“Note-Taking Strategies: How to Get Your Class Notes into Shape” from College Board.

Image via / earl53