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In honor of the Grain Moon (today’s full moon), fix your star-gazing eyes on these wonderful astronomy websites. Offering truly awesome images from space plus a variety of multimedia and reading material, these sites are bound to get you excited about the sky!
1) What a site for a web-landing! Spend some time exploring: you’ll find NASA TV, videos, speeches, podcasts, space pics, interactive features, and a section for students (K-12 through Higher Education).
2) The Hubble Telescope has its own website. Lots of goodies here, including directions for making your own little Hubble scale model. Check out the fascinating tutorial on Dark Energy (under the Hubble Discoveries tab).
3) The companion website to Astronomy magazine. Some content is subscriber-only, but in browsing around, you’ll find interesting free material, such as News & Observing/Astronomy News, Astronomy Myths, and The Sky This Week. You can see some videos at Multimedia/Videos, or News & Observing/Intro to the Sky.
4) The Astronomy encyclopedia from Eric Weisstein’s World of Science. Browse around the Alphabetical Index to get an idea of the scope.

Impressive as these selections are, the web offers many more treasures in homage to space. Type “observatory” or “planetarium” into a search engine; you might find a local site for further exploration – in person!