CompassThe College Board Advocacy and Policy Center has released survey results of over 5,300 American middle and high school counselors. The survey asked questions about these education professionals’ roles and the missions of their schools.

Notable findings:

*85% of counselors say a “top mission of schools” should be to ensure students graduate high school career- or college-ready, but only 30% say that’s the mission of their schools.

*71% of counselors say helping students’ planning, in a rigorous academic program, for career and college readiness is important; only 34% report their own school is successful at this kind of assistance.

While the study goes on to discuss reforms to address these problems, college-bound students might hear this as another voice suggesting they will do well to engage in studying above and beyond the classroom: that is, to engage in DIY college prep as much as possible.

“College Board Advocacy and Policy Center’s 1st Annual Survey of School Counselors Offers Critical Insights from Key Education Professionals,” College Board press release, 11/15/11.

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“Missing Elements,”
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, 11/15/11.

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