Sleeping with Bo

Sweet Slumber. (Image by Joi via Flickr)

This week, many students move out of a festive Thanksgiving weekend into an intense knuckle-down study season; after all, final exams loom in December.

Studying hard certainly is not unhealthy, and in fact I rather encourage it (as would your teachers and profs). Heed this advice, though: try to get proper rest into your study schedule. That’s not always easy at the college level, as anyone with a college degree can tell you. But it turns out all-nighters aided by massive doses of caffeine are not too good for you . . . so know when to say “when” and go to bed.

Before you do, check out this interesting recent commentary in The Chronicle of Higher Education about why students need more sleep. Its author, a professor at Brown University, directs studies in a sleep-research lab, and her advice bears repeating: “College students should sleep more.”

“Forget A’s, B’s, and C’s—What Students Need Is More Zzzz’s,” by Mary A. Carskadon, 11/20/11.

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