Testing SignSome students study hard and apply themselves to every assignment all semester; they truly understand the material and have mastered the concepts, but come time for the big test, they find their performance is less than stellar.

Is anxiety the culprit? I’m sure in many cases, it is a contributing factor; but putting psychological issues aside, I was surprised to learn in my community college teaching that a number of students simply don’t know how to take a test.  That is, whether or not tests make them sweat, they lack knowledge of basic test-taking skills.

Good news, though: every student can learn or improve upon these skills – and some great information is freely available on the web. Refer to these excellent university-website links, where you’ll find valuable advice for tests in any subject.

A series of test-taking resources from the Learning Center at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The first link leads to a series of handouts, and the second offers a helpful video.

“Test Taking Strategies”: A list of strategies to employ before, during, and after your test. From the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

“Survival Strategies for Taking Tests”: More practical advice. From Middle Tennessee State University.

Image via mrg.bz / taliesin