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Ruling on the field: it's good to learn for learning's sake!

This article discusses the Super Bowl’s famous usage of roman numerals and how young people can’t read them. If you, too, can’t make heads or tails of all the V’s, L’s, and X’s, just advance your cursor down the field below for some DIY roman numeral learning.

“Roman Numerals” from Eric W. Weisstein at MathWorld – A Wolfram Web Resource.

“Roman Numerals” from the Nova Roma organization’s website.

“Roman Numeral and Date Conversion with Roman Calculator & Roman Numerals Test” from Steven Gibbs’ webpages. Play with a roman numeral calculator and test your roman numeral knowledge. (Site is no longer updated, but these activities are in operating order.)

Websites above are listed on librarian-screened Infomine.
Article linked here is “Deciphering the Super Bowl: XLVI is Greek to kids,” Leanne Italie, AP, 1/30/12.
Image via mrg.bz / karpati