flowers and candyThis Valentine’s Day, why not share the gift of poetry with your loved one? These three sites offer fantastic avenues for experiencing eternal expressions of love:
Unusual and delightful ways to surprise your Valentine, thanks to this page features “Pair with Flowers” (that is, pair your bouquet with the appropriate poem!), free poetry valentines (short poems paired with intriguing graphics—e-share them or print to hand-deliver), and a linked list of traditional, classic, and contemporary love poems. is from the Academy of American Poets.
“Love Poems”: Browse these links of poems old and new, categorized by “Romantic Love,” “Sad Love,” “I Miss You,” “In Loving Memory,” and more. From the Poetry Foundation.
PennSound Radio shares information about its 24-hour love poetry marathon for Valentine’s Day.
PennSound from the University of Pennsylvania is a “Web-based archive for noncommercial distribution of the largest collection of poetry sound files on the Internet” (from press release here).

Image via / ladyheart