Newfangled study tools for learners of all ages

Web digs keep turning up these nifty e-tools we couldn’t have imagined back in the “Mesozoic” college era of 20 years ago. Below are a few such tools that lend themselves to creative study and brainstorming:

Some learn best by hearing the material: try this yourself for study and collaboration purposes.

A cartoon-building tool that could help you to cement people, places, and events into your brain (see related post).

A good basic tool if you find mind-maps helpful in brainstorming and organizing your thoughts.

Create slick-looking, colorful and collaborative mind-maps. See also this post on Glogster.

More slickness: create engaging, interactive presentations for your projects.

As with so much of cyberspace, it would be easy to get lost in the fun for fun’s sake; but if you have a specific study goal in mind and a little sense of time management, these can be effective and enjoyable little helpers.

Image via mrg.bz / Grafixar

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