The web is wild . . . see how some have tamed it

Yes, you can find most anything on the internet, but is it worthy, DIY learners, of your time and energy?

That’s a great question and parenthetically, one I think is best addressed by exploring the world of information literacy, in addition to using librarians’ advice and services whenever possible. But when you’re on the web, out there alone . . . you’ll see that some websites, produced as they are by anyone (or many anyones), are exciting by this same token: perhaps a bit of wild west, but containing some gems and waiting to teach you something worthwhile.

LiveBinders is one such site. A tool that allows anyone to create virtual three-ring binders and share them with others, it’s popular with educators. In fact, I’d heard about it several times at higher-ed conferences, in the context of how nifty it is to prepare LiveBinders specifically for your students. And apparently, many K-12 teachers use it and share their work, too, making the site potentially a fantastic resource for young students, tutors, and homeschooling parents.

Learners of all ages, as well, might take a look and get lost awhile: though the curators of the information within are many, and of course can be anyone at all, such a site is certainly one exciting window into what’s worthy of reading on the web.

What windows to good web reading have you found?

Image via / acrylicartist