Thankful for a little more time left in the term?

College students nationwide particularly appreciate the lovely holiday of Thanksgiving: not only do they enjoy a festive home-cooked meal and a small family reunion, but they’re able to take a short break from school, as well.

The dilemma always is whether to set aside time to study during this several-day (or in some cases, week-long) vacation. Of course this is an individual decision, but the striking thing about Thanksgiving break is its proximity to semester’s end, where major project and exam deadlines loom. After Thanksgiving, your time seems to shift into warp speed.

So if you’ve procrastinated on those projects, consider Thanksgiving break your valuable last chance to catch up; even if you’re staying on track, consider using at least some time during break to stay sharp and on top of your classes.

One tip you may find useful: add together how many hours you would be spending in the classroom during vacation; then, spend that much time over break in focused study.

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