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‘Tis the season

College teaching expert Dr. Maryellen Weimer recently posted about an intriguing technique that helps students study for tests: assigning them to write their own questions. (Although profs may or may not use those questions on the test, the exercise is a healthy one for student learning.)

So I pass this along as something you certainly may practice on your own: next time you have a test (and with end-of-semester looming, that’s likely to be soon), try it. Write your own little set of test questions, and better yet, form a study group where several of you write homemade tests on your own, and then share, taking turns answering the questions. (Do be aware the questions themselves might need clarifying and revising, as the article discusses).

In the process of writing tests for yourself, you’re forced to go back through your class notes and materials, and are likely to hit upon many of the major concepts you need to know. Then, after you’ve taken a number of college-level tests and exams, you’re likely to get better at anticipating test questions, and will find this activity even more effective.

Good luck and happy studying!

Article discussed here is “Getting Answer-Oriented Students to Focus on the Questions” (The Teaching Professor Blog at Faculty Focus), 11/14/12, by Maryellen Weimer.

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What test-review methods do you recommend?

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