Art is tough

Art is tough

It’s Nutcracker season! I’m thrilled to have seen the beautiful ballet live this year, and a couple of things occurred to me as I watched the show.

To dance well is terrifically difficult and demands enormous dedication, conditioning, and hard work — yet the best dancers make it look effortless. Similarly, learning requires effort and a desire to learn on the student’s part. Many of us have found certain subjects difficult to grasp, and studying these subjects can be grueling and painful. I see no way around the fact that learning can be unpleasant and extremely difficult at times — just as ballet (or other) training is. But the rewards are to follow.

As an art form, ballet suggests flowing, floating and flying – and it does this through the strength, balance, and grace of the dancers’ bodies. Hence we can see, on stage, a representation of the beautiful thing that is hard-won achievement. The work, the hours of practice, are edifying in themselves — but then there is the splendor of a performance that’s fantastically fun for the dancers, and uplifting and deeply appreciated by the larger world.

As a student, you may find yourself mired in difficult studies, even at times unmotivated to persevere; but keep working to condition your mind. You and everyone else will, at last, love the dance!

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