Lucky you can read

Lucky you can read

If a student trying to prepare for college were to ask me for just one word of academic advice, I’d say “Read!” Read more often; read books; read challenging material. The payoff will come in enjoyment, in learning, and in improving reading comprehension and writing skills.

An excellent time to start reading those books is now; as it happens, “reading more books” is a popular (perhaps THE most popular?) New Year’s resolution.

So . . . as January rolls on, which books will you choose? Keep in mind some libraries and organizations have compiled good book lists for prospective college students and independent learners. Take advantage of those lists for ideas, and in the meantime, have a joyful, prosperous, healthy, and readerly New Year!

“The College Board’s ‘101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers’” (
“The Big Read” books (National Endowment for the Arts’ “Big Read” program).
“Outstanding Books for the College Bound” (Young Adult Library Services Association).
“College Bound Reading Lists” (Arrowhead Library System, Wisconsin).

(Disclosure: I wrote about these sites in prior posts, but they bear repeating . . .)

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