In case you haven’t heard, a truly amazing discovery has been in the news this week: England’s King Richard III was found under a parking lot in Leicester – it’s really him! In 1485, the 32-year-old king died in battle; his death ended the Plantagenet line and gave rise to the Tudors.

Richard III (if you’ve made his acquaintance) may have a negative connotation in your mind, as he’s been popularly depicted as a villain — famously, by Shakespeare*; but Richard’s supporters say this discovery should help to correct some wrong impressions about the maligned king.

There’s something in this earth-shattering find for everyone, whether you’re into medieval history, monarchs, archeology, science and forensics, English literature, drama, or even murder mysteries. Start by browsing University of Leicester’s The Search for Richard III website, which includes multiple links on History, Archeology, and Science.

I’ve been watching the news stories and looking through the comments, and so many people are so passionate about this discovery and about King Richard himself, one way or the other. Stay tuned for more about how he’ll be memorialized. Until then, read up on this historical character, the time period, and the incredible story of the search!

(*Those interested in Shakespeare’s Richard III may find it at Project Gutenberg.)

(Image via Wikipedia)

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