reading dragon

A rip-roaring good time

Because readers are fun-loving folks: here’s a small handful of easygoing sites for our sheer enjoyment.

Book Seer
A simple, useful, and visually amusing site: type in the book you’ve just finished enjoying, and the Book Seer will provide recommendations for similar ones.

Bot or Not?
I’m not sure what the existence of this site says about modern and contemporary poetry; I’ll leave that to you to ponder. But the site is fun, offering visitors the chance to read a randomly-chosen poem and guess whether it was composed by a human poet or a bot.
(P.S. – April is National Poetry Month!)

The robust Goodreads, 25 million members strong and billed as “the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations,” offers the chance to connect with a community of readers and keep track of your own reading. Even without signing up, anyone may find candid and worthwhile reviews of books here.

Shakespearean Insulter
What is worth insulting is worth insulting well: impress your enemies by using this classic site, where one click will generate, yes, a random Shakespearean insult (example: “Rogue, thou hast liv’d too long”).

Image via / SDRandCo