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Regular readers have an enormous advantage in college. College-level work requires advanced reading comprehension skills, and reading more will help you by

-giving you practice reading and digesting complex works, and
-imparting to you the knowledge and wisdom that books tend to impart.

To enhance your reading, check out these lists from libraries:

“Outstanding Books for the College Bound”
From the Young Adult Library Services Association, this site lists books by academic discipline. The site mentions the list “offers opportunities for independent reading and lifelong learning.”

“College Bound Reading Lists”
From the Arrowhead Library System in Wisconsin, this list includes titles in American Literature, World Literature, History/Biography, Science, Social Science, Drama, and Poetry.

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Image credit: Wikipedia — “the reading room of the library of the Wisconsin Historical Society, designed by Ferry & Clas and constructed 1896-1900, was restored in 2009-10.”