neon blurFor cutting-edge news that appeals to your sense of discovery, check out It’s a conglomerate of research news from universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and it’s especially rich in the Sciences (current categories: Earth & Environment, Health & Medicine, Science & Technology, and Society & Culture). Students, here are three reasons to visit:

1)      To find out a bit about your college:
If you are a prospective or transfer student to any of the site’s contributing colleges, you can get an idea of the kind of academic research they’re doing. (Look for the “Browse By School” drop-down menu at right.) That research may or may not impact you directly while you’re on campus, but it’s illuminating nonetheless.

2)      To find ideas for essay assignments or projects:
If you’re faced with a research paper assignment, you can find good topic ideas on the site. Some students freeze when they’re given free rein to choose their own topics, and this would be a helpful browsing site in the “exploratory” beginning stage of research. Scroll down to “popular tags” or just browse around amongst the categories tabbed at the top of the site.

3)      To quench your thirst for knowledge, in general:
Whether or not you’re formally a student, if you consider yourself a lifelong learner, read the site for knowledge’s sake! It’s updated frequently, and you’re bound to find something of interest for discussion, sharing, or simply your own edification.

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